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June 15, 2023



Ultra Marathon Runner

Ultra is not only a fight against the route, but also with your own body.

The Torx Mag editorial team is proud to share the new video by Roman Ficek, dedicated to the Tor des Géants.


The film shows the struggle on the TORX 330 km route in the Italian Alps and breaking the record on the longest 500 km route in Poland GSB.


Roman is a 33 years old ultra marathon runner with several ultra-distance victories, from the Dolomiti Extreme Trail (130km) to the UTTV Slovenia Emperor (160km).

In 2022, at his first participation, he was immediately able to make himself loved by fans, athletes and insiders, leading the Tor des Géants in the first part of the race with Franco Collé, and then battling with Jonas Russi from the life base of Valgrisenche to the life base of Donnas, only to come into a deep crisis on the climb to Gressoney. His Tor ended there, with a difficult and painful retirement, from which he recovered quickly, however, breaking the record on the longest 500 km route in Poland GSB, the Main Beskid Trail (16460m D+).

Passionate and creator of cross-country expeditions such as the longest run of 2300 km throughout the Carpathians.

What else? Little Livia’s father 😊, he likes coffee and loves to run alone.

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Impact of extreme ultra-marathon on red blood cells
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